Belarus & Poland discuss the nuclear & radiation safety

12 February 2019

Ensuring nuclear and radiation safety was discussed at a meeting in Gdansk of representatives of the Department of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus (Gosatomnadzor) and the State Atomic Energy Agency of Poland (PAA).

The main topics highlighted by representatives of Gosatomnadzor were the development of the nuclear and radiation safety infrastructure in Belarus, regulating the supervision of the construction of Belarusian NPP, partner review of the national report on stress tests of Belarusian NPP, the implementation of the recommendations and proposals of the IAEA mission on integrated regulatory infrastructure for nuclear and radiation safety (IRRS) 2016.

In turn, specialists from the State Atomic Energy Agency of Poland spoke about the development of competencies in terms of licensing in the field of nuclear safety, safety monitoring of Maria research reactor (the only existing research reactor in Poland), and cooperation with the IAEA.

The regulatory bodies in the field of nuclear and radiation safety of Belarus and Poland cooperate both bilaterally and multilaterally at the IAEA sites, the Association of Nuclear Safety Regulators of Western Europe WENRA, the RCF Regulatory Cooperation Forum.

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