AECOM and AWE sign for Nuclear Capability project

11 February 2019

AECOM, a premier, fully integrated infrastructure firm, and AWE plc. have signed a contract naming AECOM as the delivery partner to AWE for its Nuclear Capability project, a key component of the U.K. government’s nuclear deterrence program.

The scope of the contract includes the decommissioning and demolition of current facilities, the completion of new facilities and the management and transportation of material across sites. The contract, for an initial commitment of £2M (approximately USD 3M) until 2020, has a potential expenditure of £360M (approximately USD 500M) expected to span at least 12 years. The value of AECOM’s contract was included in AECOM’s backlog in the Q1 of fiscal 2019.

In the U.K., AECOM is the lead member of the Parent Body Organisation that manages the Low Level Waste Repository in Cumbria. It is also a member of the Parent Body Organisation at the Dounreay nuclear site near Thurso, Scotland.

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