Orano signs a contract for the French nuclear sector

11 February 2019

Orano is pleased to announce the signature of the strategic contract for the French nuclear sector [Contrat Stratégique de la Filière Nucléaire]. Orano plays an active role in the development of an innovative nuclear industry with a long-term future, creating jobs with a high degree of technical expertise across all territories where it is present, generating technical innovations and contributing to the fight against climate change.

On the innovation front, Orano is incorporating new digital technologies into its industrial facilities and working methods with a view to accelerating the development of innovative solutions for its customers: a digital transformation which is shaping the future of the nuclear fuel cycle thanks to industrial applications of virtual reality or augmented reality supporting to serve Industry 4.0. The group’s capacity for innovation is well known, and was recognized at the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE), where Orano won a top prize for innovation.

Orano contributes actively by recycling used nuclear fuel at its la Hague and Melox plants. This solution makes it possible to reduce the quantity and radioactivity of waste.

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