Flamanville EPR hot tests will start in February

30 January 2019

Hot functional testing of the Flamanville EPR in France, which had been scheduled to start before the end of 2018, will now begin in February. The loading of fuel into the 1650 MWe pressurised water reactor (PWR) is still expected by the end of this year.

In a PWR, steam generators transfer reactor core heat from the primary coolant loop into a secondary loop where it can be used to generate electricity. The secondary loop is a closed system in which steam produced in the steam generator is conducted towards the turbine. Once condensed, the water is returned to the steam generator.

Hot functional tests - which involve checking the equipment under similar temperature and pressure conditions to those under which it will operate - would begin in February. The company also raised the target construction costs for the plant from EUR 10.5B (USD 11.9B) to EUR 10.9B (at the 2015 rate, excluding interim interest).

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