ORNL partners with industry on six new projects

11 January 2019

The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory is collaborating with industry on six new projects focused on advancing commercial nuclear energy technologies that offer potential improvements to current nuclear reactors and move new reactor designs closer to deployment.

Two of the projects are supported through a DOE Office of Nuclear Energy program: (i) Exelon Generation and ORNL will pursue improved modeling and simulation techniques of boiling water reactors, which could enhance current reactor operations and advanced reactor development. (ii) ORNL will work with Analysis and Measurement Services Corporation and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on the development criteria testing for age-related deterioration of nuclear power plant cables and cable insulation.

DOE-NE’s Gateway is funding four projects that include: (i) Exelon Corporation will partner with ORNL for the enrichment of gadolinium-157 using the plasma separation process. (ii) ORNL will work with Eastman and INL on the design and analysis of an integrated nuclear hybrid energy system. (iii) NexDefense, Inc. will partner with ORNL in analyzing the company’s cybersecurity software for use in nuclear reactors. (iv) Westinghouse Electric Company and ORNL will develop and evaluate alumina-forming austenitic stainless steels for lead-cooled fast reactor applications.

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