Preliminary Acceptance Certificate for TNPP Unit 4

10 January 2019

A milestone was achieved on December 22, 2018, that is the ‘Start of Commercial Operation for Power Unit 4 of the Tianwan NPP (TNPP).

Thus, the stage of commissioning the TNPP Unit 4 nuclear island has successfully finished. All tests stipulated by the Commissioning Program for the TNPP Power Units 3 and 4 have been conducted. The tests have proved the nuclear island complies with the technical specifications and safety requirements set forth in the contract. The near future will see the signing of a Preliminary Acceptance Certificate for the Tianwan NPP Unit 4 nuclear island based on the conducted tests in accordance with the General Contract for Units 3 and 4 of Tianwan NPP made by and between Atomstroyexport (part of the Rosatom’s Engineering Division) as the Russian General Contractor and Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation (JNPC).

Tianwan NPP handover for commercial operation means that electricity generated by the Unit 4 is starting to be supplied to the national grid of China at the fixed price quoted by the authorities.

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