Chinshan 1 to be decommissioned

19 December 2018

Taipower announced that the operating licence of Chinshan 1 - a 636 MWe boiling water reactor that was commissioned in December 1978 has expired. Taipower confirmed Chinshan 1 will officially cease operation and enter the decommissioning stage. It becomes the first Taiwanese power reactor to enter decommissioning.

The plan to decommission Chinshan 1 - together with unit 2, whose operating licence will expire on 15 July 2019 - includes the construction of a dry storage facility for used fuel.

During the initial post-operation transition period - expected to take eight years - used fuel will be transferred from the reactor core to the used fuel storage pool. A survey will be carried out to characterise the site and engineering planning will be conducted. In addition, the reactor cooling systems will be drained and decontaminated.

In the second stage - the decontamination and dismantling phase - used fuel will be moved to the ISFSI. The reactor pressure vessel and internals will be dismantled, together with the reactor cooling system pipework.

In the third stage, expected to last three years, the reactor building and turbine building will be demolished and a final site survey conducted.

In the final site recovery stage - scheduled to be completed by the end of 2043 - other buildings will be demolished and the site restored.

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