UK HPR1000 technology design in GDA step 3

05 December 2018

The joint regulators have recently announced the commencement of Step 3 of the Generic Design Assessment (GDA) for the UK HPR1000 nuclear technology.

This marks the start of the third step in a four-step robust and independent process to seek approval for the design.

It follows a year of intensive work by teams in the UK, China and France, during which time the UK public has had the opportunity to comment on the design details shared during Step 2.

Step 3 will move to a deeper analysis of the design of the UK HPR1000 nuclear technology, and will continue to be open to public comment.

The successful progression of the GDA process follows the announcement by CGN in May 2018 that the UKHPR1000 reference plant in Fangchenggang in China has completed the dome lift.

The GDA progression is also a key step for a new nuclear power station at Bradwell in Essex. The proposed Bradwell project is in an early pre-planning stage which will involve years of investigative works and public consultations before detailed proposals are produced allowing a planning application to be made. The UK version of the HPR1000 reactor is intended to be built at Bradwell following GDA approval.

The GDA process for the UKHPR1000 will take a number of years to complete, culminating, if successful, in a Design Acceptance Confirmation (DAC) and Statement of Design Acceptability (SoDA) from the ONR and EA respectively.

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