Mochovce unit 3 cold hydro test completed

11 September 2018

Slovenské elektrárne has completed the cold hydraulic test of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3. It was the first comprehensive testing conducted, when reactor systems were operated for the first time together with auxiliary systems.

The cold hydro test is one of the crucial parts of the plant commissioning process. Testing started in mid-July and took 38 days. The main objective of the cold hydro test was to demonstrate leak-tightness of plant systems and components such as pressure vessels, pipelines and valves of both the nuclear and conventional island and to clean main circulation pipes.

The primary circuit during the test was pressurized to 13.7 MPa, and heated up to 120°C. Consequently, steam generators were tested from the secondary circuit side, as well as feedwater and live steam pipelines at the pressure of up to 7.65 MPa.

The Cold Hydro tested all reactor coolant pumps of the primary circuit, main feedwater pumps of the secondary circuit, steam generators, pipelines, pumps and other components of the primary and secondary circuits, including the operation of a number of auxiliary systems. All components such as pipelines, valves, welds, and flange joints had to be inspected at exactly defined pressures. An important part of testing included the tightness test of the nuclear island containment that is made of up to 1.5 m thick reinforced concrete walls.

Mochovce Units 3&4 have an evolutionary design based on the pressurised water reactor VVER-440 V-213 with safety upgrades.

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