Fortum starts annual outage 2018 at Loviisa NPP

10 August 2018

The annual refuelling and maintenance outage of Fortum’s nuclear power plant Unit 2 in Loviisa, Finland, has begun, followed by the servicing of Unit 1. Unit 2 will undergo the extensive inspection outage that takes place every eight years and Unit 1 the short refuelling outage. The entire outage procedure is estimated to be completed in about 64 days.

In addition to the normal periodic maintenance tasks and refuelling, several safety improvements will be implemented and completed during the annual outages, including the automation modernisation to improve the plant’s critical safety functions, ensuring the safety functions of the secondary circuit, and renewal of the emergency generators’ cooling water piping. Along with the maintenance work on the main generators, the stators of two generators will be replaced. In addition to the normal preventive maintenance work, the turbine work includes modernisation of the high-pressure turbine and inspections. During the outage, one-quarter of the fuel will be replaced.

In addition to the plant modification and improvement work, Loviisa 2 will undergo the extensive inspection outage implemented every eight years, in which e.g. the pressure vessel and its inner parts will be inspected, and pressure tests of the primary and secondary circuit’s pressure equipment and pipelines will be performed.

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