GDES now owns the nuclear division of SAP

03 July 2018

GD Energy Services (GDES) has signed a strategic purchase agreement with the French company SAP (Société d’Application de Peinture). The French company specialises in industrial paint and anti-corrosion coatings, acquiring 100% of its nuclear division. With this investment GDES is looking to consolidate its business in France, obtaining the human resources it will need to tackle its ambitious development plan for the French nuclear sector, with a local presence near the nuclear power plants of Tricastin, Cruas the Marcoule and Cadarache sites of the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

GDES has been expanding into the French market for several years, with chemical cleaning, technological development, surface treatment and decommissioning services for the French nuclear industry. GDES is also the only European (non-French) company that holds CAEAR certification to undertake decommissioning services for CEA in France.

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