CNL announces responses to SMR demonstration unit

03 July 2018

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) has announced that four small modular reactor (SMR) project proponents have submitted responses to CNL’s recent Invitation for SMR Demonstration Projects at a CNL-managed site. The invitation, which began with an optional pre-qualification stage, is an opportunity for CNL to evaluate technical and business merits of proposed designs, assess the financial viability of the projects, and review the necessary national security and integrity requirements.

CNL concluded the first intake on June 11, 2018, with responses received from four international and domestic SMR project proponents. While this intake is now closed, technology developers are welcome to submit their responses at any time.

The Invitation for SMR Demonstration Projects includes four distinct stages. The first stage is re-Qualification stage, which will assess proponents against preliminary criteria. After this comes the Due Diligence stage, which will include more stringent financial requirements and a full assessment of funding and project costs. The third phase, Negotiation of Land Arrangement and Other Contracts, would culminate in the signing of an agreement with Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), the owner of the sites. Finally, the Project Execution stage would include licensing and construction, testing, commissioning, operation, and eventual decommissioning of the SMR unit.

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