Siempelkamp bags a nuclear dismantling order

10 April 2018

The US American consortium SDS placed an order with the Siempelkamp subsidiary for the disassembly of the reactor pressure vessels including the core internals of both units 2 and 3 of the nuclear power plant SONGS (San Onofre Nuclear Generation Station) in the USA.

Siempelkamp NIS will supply the necessary special tools as well as the expert technical support during the mechanical disassembly of the core internals and the subsequent thermal cutting of the reactor pressure vessels for both units.

Due to the high risk of radioactive contamination in this area of the nuclear power plant, the complete dismantling takes place remotely. Siempelkamp NIS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH specializes in such highly complex tasks regarding the dismantling of nuclear installations.

The SONGS project is scheduled to be completed in 48 months. Within this time window the planning process, the manufacture of the dismantling tools, and the dismantling of the components for both units have to be carried out.

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