Strong support for SNC continues

12 March 2018

Every two years, Southern Nuclear conducts a survey of each plant’s immediate neighbors to measure the community’s favorability toward the plant, their opinions about nuclear energy and the public’s level of knowledge. On behalf of each site, Bisconti Research, has polled 300 individuals residing within each plant’s 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone. The results are then benchmarked with NEI’s national survey of residents living within 10 miles of the nation’s 59 nuclear sites and can be compared with each plant’s previous five surveys that span 10 years.

As with surveys in previous years, community support for the SNC fleet remains strong with most metrics meeting national benchmarks. On average, 90% of residents polled possess favorable impressions and 82% rated the plants as being operated safely. The overall support is broad, spanning most demographics including age groups, gender and political affiliations.

License renewal is favored by an average of 92%, and 71% of Plant Vogtle’s neighbors support the continued construction of Vogtle 3&4.

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