Equipment dismantling progresses at INPP

12 February 2018

During the entire decommissioning process, starting from 2010, the SE Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant (INPP) has dismantled 45 thousand tons (44, 954) of equipment and other related structures. This is about 29 % of total equipment amount that is planned to be dismantled within the entire decommissioning process by 2038.

Around 6.7 thousand tons of equipment were dismantled in 2017. According to the Ignalina NPP Final Decommissioning Plan, overall it is planned to dismantle about 1531 thousand tons of equipment and other related structures by 2038.

Dismantling quantities are increasing each year since the shutdown of the plant. At the moment, there are ongoing intensive dismantling works at the turbine hall of the second unit about 68 % of equipment and other related structures, and at D1 unit about 81% of equipment and other related structures have been already dismantled.

The major part of dismantled equipment, after the strict measurement control of contamination by radionuclides, is being sold by auctions as scrap metal, while the remaining dismantled equipment will be temporarily stored in the buffer storage facility (project B 19-1) on the enterprise site until transfer to repositories for final disposal.

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