Cavendish Nuclear, EDF sign GBP 7.5M contract

12 January 2018

EDF Energy and Cavendish Nuclear have signed a five-year contract worth GBP 7.5M to support the continued operation of the company’s fleet of Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactors.

The agreement covers the provision of specialists and equipment to stations across the UK to carry out inspections of the graphite blocks in the reactor cores.

Previously, the service was delivered on an outage-by-outage basis under contracts with individual stations, which deterred long-term investment in skills, planning and equipment.

The new contract will include 12-month equipment and resource plans for the fleet, leading to optimisation of resource and reduction in re-work due to short timescale planning. It will also deliver reduced overhead to cover planned work and emergent repairs, compared to managing multiple small complex contracts across the fleet.

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