UPF Project achieves a key milestone

05 December 2017

The Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration’s (DOE/NNSA) Uranium Processing Facility (UPF) Project continues to make substantial progress with the recent completion of the UPF Construction Support Building (CSB) at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The completion of the USD 27.5M CSB on time and USD 5M under budget marks a major milestone in the UPF Project, which will replace an early-Cold War plant with a modern, more efficient, and safer facility for conducting highly-enriched uranium operations at Y-12.

Using a “build to budget” strategy, NNSA has committed to Congress to provide these facilities by 2025 for no more than USD 6.5B, assuming stable funding through the duration of the project.

The 65,000 square-foot construction support building is the first permanent structure for the UPF Project and the first building at Y-12 with a LEED Gold Certification.

When construction of the UPF Project is completed, the three-story facility will continue to be used as much needed office and warehouse space for the UPF site.

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