CNNC exploring new market options

13 September 2017

Qian Zhimin, president of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), visited Sweden and Cambodia from Aug 25 to 30, aiming to expand the market for nuclear products in countries from Europe to Southeast Asia.

Qian met Say Chhum, president of the Senate of Cambodia, and introduced CNNC’s charity work in Cambodia, including the company’s assistance in helping drill wells for water.

Qian pointed out that CNNC will support Cambodia to apply nuclear technologies in the sectors of industry, agriculture and medical science, thus developing its economy and improving people’s welfare.

Say Chhum appreciated the well-drilling project conducted by CNNC who built 157 wells within 50 days, with an acceptability rate of 80 %.

In Sweden, Qian and Mikael MONONEN, CEO of Swedish energy giant STUDSVIK, signed a MoU, and expressed their intentions to cooperate in the field of nuclear technology. Qian inspected the underground laboratory of Swedish ASPO, entering a 460-meter-deep well to learn about experimental methods for high-level waste (HLW) disposal.  Qian also delivered a work report to Gui Congyou, China’s ambassador to Sweden.

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