Sandvik SAF 2906™ - an excellent corrosion resistant

23 January 2019

Sandvik SAF 2906™ is a high-alloy duplex (austenitic-ferritic) stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance in caustic environments and environments with chlorides. Sandvik SAF 2906 characteristics are (i) excellent resistance to caustic environments, also in the presence of contaminants such as chlorides; (ii) excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion; (iii) excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion; (iv) high resistance to stress corrosion cracking (SCC); (v) good weldability; and (vi) very high strength. Read more...

GN decanter centrifuge for aluminum hydroxide slurry

18 January 2019

Many chemical products manufacturers need decanter centrifuge to dewater the slurry in their production processing. One client from the chemical industry found GN decanter centrifuge can do the slurry dewatering job for concentration. Read more...

World Trade Center Tower 3 opened to public in June’18

15 January 2019

In June 2018, World Trade Center Tower 3 opened to the public. The tower opening marked the completion of four of the planned five buildings of the World Trade Center complex. The complex sits on the same site in Lower Manhattan as the original Twin Towers. Read more...

Processing Technology of Super Duplex Steel S32750

10 January 2019

Mature Super Duplex Steel S32750 welded pipe manufacturing process is (1) specific: raw material inspection, steel plate ultrasonic flaw detection, planer edge-molding, pre-welding; (2) molding in the production of straight seam welded pipe: FFX (Flexible molding), a new molding technology uses the tension effect when the coil is bent to maximize the bending moment to the edge of the steel strip, and the molding degree of the bending edge can be freely adjusted according to the strength and thickness of the steel strip to achieve the best welding conditions; (3) welding for the use of plasma arc welding (PAW) and tungsten Argon arc welding (GIAW) composite welding process: first of all, the use of plasma arc welding penetration fusion, so as to achieve single-sided welding, double-sided molding effect, after the use of Tungsten argon arc welding for filling and cover, welding using pure argon protection; (4) heat treatment after welding: heat treatment using induction furnace to the whole pipe solid solution treatment, heat treatment temperature of 1050 1120 °C, water spray cooling to 40 °C below. Read more...

Icenta launches turbine flow meter for Water Injection

7 January 2019

Icenta Controls, a British manufacturer of high quality turbine flow meters has introduced to its Metri Measurements range a customised High Pressure Turbine Meter made from exotic materials (Super Duplex & 6MO Body) for a Water Injection application. Read more...

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