K-TIG joins Nuclear AMRC

16 December 2019

Welding technology specialist K-TIG has joined the Nuclear AMRC as a member to develop new high-performance fabrication techniques for waste containers and other nuclear applications.

Based in Australia, K-TIG has developed a patented keyhole welding technology which can produce welds 10 100 times quicker than conventional tungsten gas arc welding, joining metals up to 16mm thick in a single pass.

The Nuclear AMRC has worked with K-TIG to assess and develop the technology for nuclear industry applications since 2015, with recent research focusing on waste containers made of duplex stainless steel.

By joining the centre as a tier two member, K-TIG will deepen its partnership with the Nuclear AMRC to help manufacturers in the UK decommissioning supply chain improve productivity and reduce costs for waste container fabrication.

As part of its membership, K-TIG will significantly upgrade the Nuclear AMRC’s current equipment, and provide additional training to the centre’s weld engineers and technicians.

As well as waste container fabrication, the technology can improve productivity for other nuclear industry applications made from corrosion-resistant materials, including pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tubes and pipework down to 75 mm in diameter.

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