MX3D with Takenaka 3D prints Structural Steel Connector

13 December 2019

Amsterdam-based metal 3D printing company, MX3D has revealed a collaboration with Japanese architecture and engineering firm Takenaka. Together, the companies designed a Structural Steel Connector, which MX3D then 3D printed using its large scale robotic printing technology, Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing. Once designed, the part was 3D printed by MX3D using Duplex stainless steel, an alloy known for its good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. The result is a hollow steel structure weighing 40 kg which is designed to be filled with concrete post-printing, for a total weight of about 45 kg. These steel connectors can be used in the construction of buildings.

In the 3D printing world, MX3D is probably best known for its 3D printed canal bridge project, which has been in the works since 2015. More recently, the company has also worked on a number of interesting initiatives, ranging from an aluminum 3D printed bike to an optimized robotic arm in cooperation with Altair.

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