Advantages of Duplex stainless steel fabrication

11 December 2019

Duplex stainless steel fabrication takes advantage of the numerous beneficial properties inherent with the two-phase microstructure of the material. Badger Sheet Metal Works offers superior fabrication services in its custom-designed clean environment, ensuring customers receive premium products for their investment.

The increased yield strength compared to some other grades of stainless steel is the primary advantage to using duplex stainless steel fabrication. Duplex stainless steel is about twice as strong as austenitic or ferritic stainless steels, which are considered “regular” grades of stainless steel. This creates opportunities to reduce project weight and total project cost.

Few fabrication shops have access to the level of dedicated clean environment that exists at Badger Sheet Metal Works.

Duplex stainless steel fabrication projects have additional toughness.

Duplex stainless steel fabrication brings the best characteristics of both “regular” grades of stainless steel into one product.

Badger Sheet Metal Works understands the advantages of the various grades of stainless steel. It can help to determine if duplex stainless steel fabrication is the right strategy for the project. Welding galvanized steel is another specialty service it offers that makes it a one-stop source for its customers.

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