Pre-plumb cylinders with duplex SS construction

23 November 2018

Kingspan has given all of its pre-plumb cylinder ranges a premium upgrade. Ultrasteel, Tribune HE and Tribune Xe pre-plumb models can now benefit from a superior quality Wilo pump as standard.

The new pump gives installers three key advantages over previous models. The first is improved access and maintenance. The flange on the pump is a standard size, with access via a regular allen key. This makes manoeuvrability during annual cylinder maintenance far simpler.

Secondly, there’s higher torque, meaning any blockages can be cleared more easily. Flushing the system as part of the commissioning process should still be part for the course, but the improved levels of torque make this more powerful than before.

Third, the cylinder controls have been upgraded from a dial to a button. This makes for a much-improved experience for the homeowner, and also avoids a situation where periods of cylinder inactivity could cause a dial to seize up.

Ultrasteel, Tribune HE and Xe pre-plumb cylinders are made of duplex stainless steel and come factory-fitted with all pipework and key components, including the Wilo pump, thermostat, inlet control set, two-port valves, and an electric wiring box. All the installer has to do is hook up the cylinder, fit the external expansion, and do a quick check of all the connections ready for commissioning.

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