Proportional pressure reducing valve MPPPM22

18 February 2019

The new pressure reducing valve controls output pressures from 0 to 200 bar proportionally to the preset solenoid current. The valve is used in applications where pressures must be exactly controlled independently of the input pressure. Read more...

3P finds a solution to limit critical leakage on valves

18 February 2019

3P - Performance Plastics Products, company specialized in High Performance Plastics solutions for demanding applications, reveals the X4502, a PEEK-based grade with optimized sealing properties for valve seats, specially designed for highly volatile liquids and gases like helium.

3P has strongly invested in developing its Xytrex® range, a range of thermoplastic materials with wide applications in fluid handling systems. Read more...

Meridian establishes site control for Permian Basin

18 February 2019

Meridian Energy Group, Inc. announced that the Company has entered into agreement with a Winkler Company subsidiary (Winkler) establishing site control in Winkler County, Texas for a new Meridian full-conversion crude oil refinery.

This new Meridian refinery will process local Permian (Delaware Basin) crude oil into a full slate of refined products for local and regional markets. Read more...

Cheniere Energy Ships First Cargo of LNG

18 February 2019

Houston based Cheniere Energy shipped out in December its first cargo of Liquefied Natural Gas from its Port of Corpus Christi in Texas, where thousands of highly engineered AMPO POYAM valves are currently installed.

The LNG was loaded on the LNG Carrier Maria Energy, which headed for Greece. Read more...

Wouter Witzel Butterfly Valves for Scrubber Systems

18 February 2019

Severe application and high demands for butterfly valves makes Wouter Witzel’s product an ideal choice Scrubber systems require valves made out of high-grade materials.

It is not the high grade materials that are important. Read more...

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