Butterfly valves a new product that completes the range

15 January 2020

Mondeo’s range of valves now has a new addition: a butterfly valve that unites performance at low cost. Butterfly valves are interception valves that block or regulate the flow of fluid in a hydraulic system.

They have a metal disc with a rod in its centre; when rotated, the disc compresses the seal that fills the valve body. With manual control, or with an actuator in the case of motorised butterfly valves, opening and closing can be guided to intercept the moving fluid either fully or partially.

Mondeo butterfly valves are ideal for use in heavy-duty environments thanks to the quality of the materials used to make them, a characteristic that stands them out from the rest.

When valves can be damaged by aggressive liquids, direct contact or even simply emission, stainless steel is the ideal solution.

The Mondeo H2104 butterfly valve wafer type, which has a stainless steel body and disc shutter and a Teflon seal, gives maximum performance. It is a top of the range product that guarantees efficiency and duration for much longer than cast iron butterfly valves.

Research on different materials used in the same product has allowed us to complete our range with a new product: the new H2101 butterfly valve wafer type. With its cast-iron body and stainless steel shutter, it falls between the H2104 series and 100% cast iron valves. Even the seal is special because made of EPDM rubber that has been coated with Teflon to make it more resistant.

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