Patent on ARTES desuperheater

12 September 2019

The ARTES desuperheater is a control valve with which the temperature of vapour can be regulated by injecting cooling water. The ARTES desuperheater is frequently used in steam generators of power plants and other industrial systems. Special applications using other media have also been realized. By nature of its design and use of quarter-turn movement, the ARTES desuperheater offers many crucial advantages: The cooling water is always injected into the centre of the pipe, regardless of the quantity.

The perfect combination of quarter-turn principle, nozzle design, and subsequent nozzle opening ensures reliable and precise cooling in all load cases. Both its design and the use of high-grade materials prevent vibration fractures of the valveā€™s functional components and ensure reliable operation without interruptions. The ARTES desuperheater can be actuated by means of electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators.

Depending on the pressure difference between cooling water and steam, the ARTES desuperheater is equipped with a single-, two- or three-stage pressure reduction. The version with single-stage pressure reduction is used in cases where the differential pressure between cooling water and steam is in a range of 5 to 30 bar. The entire differential pressure is effective at the nozzle systems, due to the very low-pressure loss within the desuperheater. This guarantees the very fine atomization of the water. The ball / seat ring system is only used for shutting off the water.

The three-stage version for pressure differences of more than 60 bar the desuperheater has additional internals at the ball stem area to reduce over-pressure. The ball / seat ring system is a pure metal-to-metal seat and works similar to a conventional ball valve.

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