WIN begins construction of second plant in Bengaluru

20 September 2019

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (WIN) performed a ground-breaking ceremony for the new plant in Aerospace Special Economic Zone at Devanahalli. The Aerospace business of Wipro Infrastructure Engineering said that it has commenced the construction of its second plant in the city, which will house Aerostructure Machining and Surface Treatment Lines for aerospace components and would employ about 300 people. Read more...

Fisher Gx control valve and actuator system

19 September 2019

The Fisher™ GX is a revolutionary, compact control valve and actuator system, designed to control a wide range of process gases, vapors, and fluids. The model is rugged, reliable, and easy to select. It requires no actuator sizing the actuator selection is automatic once the valve body construction is selected. Read more...

EL-O-MATIC actuators and InterApp butterfly valves

18 September 2019

ORBINOX’s InterApp Butterfly Valves automated with EL-O-MATIC Actuators for a recent project on a chlorine plant. Chlorine can be manufactured by electrolysis of a sodium chloride solution (brine). The production of chlorine results in the co-products caustic soda (sodium hydroxide, NaOH) and hydrogen gas (H2). Read more...

Process flow for 3D printing of mini soft actuators

13 September 2019

Singapore University of Technology and Design, Southern University of Science and Technology and Zhejiang University researchers' proposed process flow guides 3D printing of miniature soft pneumatic actuators. Read more...

Patent on ARTES desuperheater

12 September 2019

The ARTES desuperheater is a control valve with which the temperature of vapour can be regulated by injecting cooling water. The ARTES desuperheater is frequently used in steam generators of power plants and other industrial systems. Read more...

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