Tokyo Tech Researchers develop hydraulic actuator 1

10 January 2019

Researchers at Tokyo Tech have developed a hydraulic actuator1 that will allow tough robots to operate in disaster sites and other harsh environments. Tokyo Tech Venture H-MUSCLE Corporation has been established to pursue applications for the actuator and shipping of product samples will begin in February 2019.

Though the majority of recent robots are driven by electric motors, hydraulic actuators with their high output and impact resistance, would be well-suited to robots operating in harsh environments. However, typical hydraulic actuators are developed for industrial machinery, like power shovels.

The hydraulic actuator offers greatly increased power and shock resistance compared with conventional electric motors. Providing high power, durability, and excellent control, the actuator will allow robots to operate in the harsh environments and perform tough work with a gentle touch.

This hydraulic actuator is the result of the Tough Robotics Challenge, organized by the Impulsing Paradigm Change through Disruptive Technologies Program (ImPACT) of the Cabinet Office of Japan. To promote adoption of the technology, H-MUSCLE will ship samples of its hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors to domestic manufacturers, expand its lineup of actuators for future sale, and explore further applications.

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