Tolomatic’s customized electric linear actuators

29 November 2018

Sometimes the electric linear actuator that an OEM machine designer needs is right there in the catalogue. But other times, nothing standard fills the bill. Maybe you need a different mounting option to allow integration into your machine design. Maybe you need a different material or coating to stand up to environmental conditions. Perhaps it’s a different feedback device or connector that’s required. This is where an OEM needs an experienced and knowledgeable linear actuator partner.

Tolomatic uses a simple, three-step process for modified electric linear actuators. The first step is consultation, where the team at Tolomatic holds a discussion with an OEM engineering team to understand the full scope of the application, what the linear actuator will need to do, and how the actuator fits into the machine. The next step is proposal building, in which the application engineers will look at the challenges of application and dig through a vast toolbox for the best solution. The final step is ordering, when the OEM agrees to the recommended design, the delivery will be based on the extent of the modifications.

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